I'm a Swede, born in Gothenburg 1968 but raised in Karlshamn.

In the late 70's I began to study Drums & Percussion
with Gamby George at Karlshamn's Music School.

I've also been studying with Peter Fältskog in Malmoe.


In 1981 I began to play in Karlshamns Musikkår (Wind Band).

Some years later Karlshamns Musiksällskap (Symphony Orchestra)
were in need of Percussionists why I started to play there too.

Besides these two orchestras I also participated in the
Music School's orchestras and its Percussion Ensemble.


In the band FAITH I played some serious hard-rock in my teens.

Amongst others we made a smaller tour in Finland, a load of
demo-recordings and a 7" single entitled Hymn of the sinner.

The 7" single has today been quite sought for in collectors markets since it only was pressed in 500 copies!

More about the band further down this side!


The association Musikforum was
a big source of inspiration in my teens.

Partly because of their New Year Shows in which
I played in the orchestra many times, but mostly because they arranged shows with both known
and unknown rock & jazz artists.


In 1986 I had a part time teaching job at Olofström's Music School.
This was very useful since it gave me the opportunity to sometimes
sit in on the Drum stool with the 0456-Big Band from Sölvesborg.

In Sölvesborg hard-rocking Mercy was a local act.

Mercy was about to record their album King Doom on
which I was asked to play the Drums, which I accepted.

Because of different opinions I never got the credits for
the Drums, instead I was thanked as P.Swenson and
for having played Percussion!?!


Between 1989-94 I lived and worked in Gothenburg, particularly in the in Lövgärdet world famous band Globe.
With this band I, amongst others participated in the competition Rockslaget
were we actually managed to get to the finals on Liseberg's grand stage.

Besides Globe I also played Drums and Percussion
in Lärjedalens Blåsorkester
(Wind Band) and did some
"sit ins" with the brass band Vinga Sextet.

In 1993 my son Tobias was born!!!


In 1991 I had the privelage to
meet with Dave Weckl  - twice!


During my time in Gothenburg Janne Stark had reached
the finals in the competition Guitar battle of Sweden
and were about to record for the finalists compilation CD.
(We'd been playing together in the band Overheat)

This former Overdrive guitarist is also the author of
The encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal
and The Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock
and Heavy Metal Volume II.

To make a long story short... I recorded the Drums on his tracks.


In 1994 I returned to the south of Sweden but this time to Asarum.

Naturally I began to play in Karlshamns Musikkår and
Karlshamns Musiksällskap again and also in Karlshamn Big Band.

This year I also entered my duties as a Drum and Percussion
teacher at Karlshamn's Music School.


1996 -2001 was I the Drummer in Troja Jazz Band.
With this big band have I performed with artists such as:
Svante Thuresson
(Pictured) and Vincent Nilsson.


Six-Pack Boogie was a blues & rock band
in which I played the Drums during 1995-97.
With this band I've been in Denmark playing.

I've also played off and on in Locomotive Breath.
(Together with Mr. Stark who are mentioned above.)


I've been with Blekinge Hemvärns Musikkår (Home Guard Wind Band) in Denmark representing Sweden, taken care of business in Blekinge Bataljons Musikkår (Brass Band) together with leading and rehearsing the Percussionists when ABF-Kören in Karlshamn (Choir) has performed for example Canto General, Misa Creola and Carmina Burana just to mention some famous works.

With the choir I've also been in Poland playing.


In 1998 my book "Trum & Slagverksskolan" gets
published by Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia!
Read more about it here!


The photo shows me behind Troja's setup 1999.

During the year I've been out doing some freelance with amongst others Nättraby Church Choir.

With Trelleborgs Musikkår did I, Summer 2000, participate in some fantastic days in the German
city Scharbeutz!

Summer 2000 I moved from Asarum to Karlshamn.


2001-2002, my work at Karlshamn's Music School "flows" on - I have many both nice and skillfull students!

Tobias has become 9 years old - says something about my own age  ;- )

I'm still out and around playing quite a bit - and thanks to this I meet many interesting and nice persons...

The photo on the right is taken at an occation when Karlshamn's Music School celebrated its 40-year
jubilee in spring 2002.


This spring, 2002, both Blekinge Läns Tidning  and Sydöstran had articles about me - proffesional and private.

Nice and flattering!

Amongst others this
was why their readers choked when they had
their coffee ;- )

resurrects - doomier and heavier than ever!
During Summer 2003 the debut album is recorded to be
released on vinyl (!) this fall by Stormbringer Productions.


The inauguration of Gothia Cup 2003
Nya Ullevi in Gothenburg - audience ca 43'000!


In connection to the inauguration of Gothia Cup 2003
I had the privilage to meet Lasse "Kurt Olsson" Brandeby!


Spring 2004
The Partyband Five 4 Fun is formed,
Faith cuts a deal with Doom Symphony, a division
of  the Italian label Underground Symphony.
I start to live "a new healthier life"...


Winter 2004/2005
The Partyband Five 4 Fun is running smoothly,
Faith records a new album for a future release.
My "new healthier life" is going great - I've lost
25kg and feel better than ever before!!!


This photo was taken at a rehearsal 2004/2005.
It also appeard in the magazine MUSIKANT
with an interview on the topic "Percussion"!


Photo-session with FAITH 2005!


The past couple of years I've been hired at the
Midsummer festivities in Södra Sandsjö - also 2005!


During the Fall of 2005 have I completed my rehearsalstudio with a recordingstudio!

During Spring 2006 I got Janne Stark's trust to record 14 of the drum
tracks on his forthcomming solo project Mountain of Power! :-)

I've also recorded drum tracks on Tribute albums for Guns n' Roses and Motley Crue.

Otherwise have I during the year made some giggs in the Ska-band "Bag-a-Boo" from Ronneby
plus a gigg with NOVAH Gospel Choir from Sölvesborg... this plus Five 4 Fun that has been busy and
Faith that are working on new material and of course  - my work at Karlshamn's Music School!

Timpani in Carmina Burana with Karlshamns Musiksällskap and ABF-Kören.
Percussion in Skottårsorkestern anno 2006.

At the Äggstock festival this year had I the priveliege to perform
with the local super heroes in the cult band Wizard Warriors :-)

A Homepage to my friend Mary have I also done... and much, much more...

... for exampel jammin' with Mats Lindskog at Midsummer in Södra Sandsjö...


Humour is important ;-)

Autumn 2006 -  over before it began...

Besides my usual work att Karlshamn's Music School I've also work extra as
Percussion teacher at Ronneby KPC - of course it costs, but it also pays of :-)

Otherwise it's full speed ahead... playing here and there... some new material is already out,
more is on its way... besides Mountain of Power with Janne Stark I've also recorded with the
Polish guitarist Michael Gapys and Italian singer Chris Catena. Building a recording studio was
obviously a smart investment... many new worlds and opportunitys have opened...


Spring 2007...
Wow, so many things have happened... absolutely amazing - especially now when one can look back
at the past semester and see that everything worked out and that everything actually was a succes :-)

It all started with a well needed vacation on Teneriffe (Puerto de la Cruz) with my friend Mary!

 In April FAITH went abroad for "Doom Shall Rise V" - a festival in Göppingen - just outside
Stuttgart in south-west of Germany. We were booked on a flight from Copenhagen/Denmark, due
to cabin-crew strike we had to drive all the way through Germany... nice touch of Tour-feeling!

Home again one just had time to water the flowers and now leave for Gothenburg
were FAITH was booked to attend "Gothenburg Metal Festival" - also here we got a feeling
of touring and we really apreciated that we was given the opportunity to perform att GMF!!

Le grand Finale, this long but amusing spring, was to perform with
Janne Stark's "Mountain of Power" at "Sweden Rock Festival"!

Not only were we performing material from his album we were also playing
material from guesting Micke "Nord" Andersson's solo album and acted as back-up act
for Janne "Loffe" Carlsson performing Sweden's National Anthem (hard rock version)
broadcasted live in Swedish National Radio but also to act as "house band" in Swedish National
Radio's live broadcasting hard rock show DIST with Andreas Matz as program leader interviewing
guests as Mikkey Dee
(Motorhead) plus Klaus Meine and Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions) amongst others!

Just prior...                                                                                        ... during...

... and after - ca 10'000 in the crowd and, what I was told,
ca 800'000 listeners in Swedish National Radio... Coooool :-)

We had of course practised a little...
much was there no time for ;-)


Rock n' Roll with Mountain of Power @ Sweden Rock Festival 2007
Janne Stark on Guitar and David Fremberg on Vocals

Mountain of Power - Live at SRF 2007
Me, David Fremberg, Chris Catena, Nalle "Grizzly" Påhlsson, Micke "Nord" Andersson, Janne Stark, Mattias Osbäck

To be part of something like this and get a chance to perform with skilled, professional an humble musicians like
Micke, Nalle and Janne really gives an extra dimention to my own music making and is great fun and inspiering :-)

Besides all this fantastic I've also been a father,
(100% in Karlshamn, 25% in Ronneby),
"Five 4 Fun" (performing with LIVERPOOL) and much more... :-)


Autumn 2007
Autumn 2007 have been full of events and happenings...

New boss at work...
FAITH has,
besides Ireland tour and gig in Gothenburg and Dörarp, begun its 3:d CD in my studio...
Left the Drum Stool in Five 4 Fun...
Bought a new Car...
Substituting in Karlshamn Big Band...
Performed with ABF-Kören, Karlshamn...
Started to record the Drums to a forthcomming project called CONSTANCIA...


FAITH did a tour on
Ireland this Fall!

With Mael Mórdha we performed
in Cork, Dublin and Belfast.

This really gave Us
a lot of energy...

Thanx to Shane for lending
me his Drums and Cymbals!


FAITH had the honour to perform at
"Cliff in our Minds"
Dörarp - 2007 09 29


VOLVO S40 1.8 FlexiFuel - Yes, I'm more than pleased :-)


Performing with FAITH in
Gothenburg at "Truckstop Alaska"


Me and Joakim Spogardh with Arne Hagberg's ABF-Choir.


Substituting in Karlshamn Big Band.


Spring 2008
Spring 2008 - things are moving... :-)

The band Constancia is looking for a deal - one of the Songs have been mixed by legendary Beau Hill!

So, finally I've turned 40...can't say that I feel that much older, but obviously I am ;-)

Me and my friend Mary went to the U.S. during the Eastern Holidays - She has relatives in Greer and Houston.
Besides visiting them we got a chance to drive and fly around a bit...amongst others we visited Chattanooga and New York!
Photos @ Photos

Me and Tobias went to Kemer - Turkey the week I had my Birthday. I really like this Country (and its Cymbals!).

FAITH's new album "Blessed?" was released May 16 on Transubstans Records.
It's all recorded @ my "Studio TrumPeter" and mixed by the Wizzard Johan Blomström @ studio SOPA.

FAITH performed as opening act @ this years Sweden Rock Festival! A truly nice gig which we enjoyed very much!

Two of my students were accepted to the Royal Swedish Army Drum Corps!

I got in contact with Robert Ikiz (Bosphorus Cymbals - Team Swe) and now endorse Bosphorus Cymbals :-)

It feels like things are going and moving in the right direction :-)

Focusing - March 2008


Son & Father @ TAHTALI - Kemer, Turkey
(2365 meters - highly recomended ;-)


Robert Ikiz, Me testing out Bosphorus Cymbals!



(Thanx for the photo Roger K. !)


Interview in Swedish Radio P4 about/with FAITH!


This Summer (2008) I've started to record my solo project CHROTXO.
You can read more about it, and listen, on www.myspace.com/chrotxo!
The project is Me recording all parts of the Percussion Ensemble stuff
that I use in my Ensemble education @ Karlshamns Musikskola!
I hope to get it released in the future so if You are interested don't hesitate to contact me! :-)

- - -

Though the autumn of 2008 have been tough in
many ways there have been some rays of light :-)

FAITH performed @ Dutch Doom Days VII in Rotterdam - Holland
(Photo shows the river Maas seen from EUROMAST)


My friend Rob and I explored the green hills of Ireland
with his "tank" during my visit of this beutiful island!


Me, Dave Weckl and Tobias after a
fantastic concert with Mike Stern Band


During the winter hollidays I've finally finalized my project CHROTXO!
Timpani was the last part to be recorded.
Feel free to hear Chrotxo "hits" @ www.myspace.com/chrotxo


Spring 2009

It has been a busy spring... I'm however
most happy that it finally is Summer! ;-)

As a bonus was I this Spring honoured with a
plaque by the Swedish Army Drum Corps and
a Scholarship from Karlshamn's LION's Club!
Always nice when one gets some attention!?! :-)

Janne Stark has always lots of things happening...
"If you skipp lunch you get 25 hours out of a day"?! ;-)
With Constancia in the back Mountain of Power vol.II is on the way!


My friend Mary and Me went to Istanbul on the Spring break.
The Blue Mosque in the background.


In a boat @ the Bosphorus with the new Bosphorus bridge
in the background and a Gold Bosphorus Cymbal in my lap! :-)


Recording session @ Blekinge Technical University.

Jam @ Sjölands bakery with Anders Pettersson (B) and Mats Berntsson (Pi)


Baltic Festival 2009

During this festival I performed with Troja Jazzband in Carl Gustaf's Church...

... Berndt & Kalle (Karlshamn's Music School) Günter & Fredrik (Stade Music School - Germany) and Brienn (USA)...

... and in Blekinge Big Band that was supporting Brienn Perry (USA) and Karin Thulemark (Dk/Karlshamn).

The Consert - as usuall lots of people...

... appreciated by both audience and artists...

... great fun being part...

... in an event like this - great musicians and artists! :-)


Autumn 2009

This Fall I decided to release a CD with some of the Ensemble
Songs that I use in my teaching @ Karlshamn's Music School!

More info about this Solo Project and how to buy the CD here!


During the Christmas Hollidays I spoiled myself by going to Fuerteventura :-)
Time to work on my weight - though I don't weigh 105 kg's anymore ;-)


Spring 2010

My CD "TrumPeter - Chrotxo" is now available @ the following web shops:

During February I've finished recording Drums on FAITH's forthcomming fourth full length CD.

Another project of which I'm glad and honoured of beeing part of is Jan Utbult's all new
Wind band book "Blåsbanken 1" in which I've written and recorded the Percussion parts!

On my free-time, which I do have, I'm staying fit by walking!


Summer / Autumn 2010


Me and my friend Mary took a trip to Iceland, more about this here!

With Berth Idoffs I performed during week 30 on Birka Paradise!
This Ferry cruises between Stockholm, Mariehamn
(Åland), Visby & Riga (Lithuania).

Because of me substituting in Berth Idoffs this was attentived in Commersen!


In a serie about creative people from Karlshamn I was attented in the local BLT/Ka!


My living from above...


Günther, Frederik, Louis, Me, Berndt och Kalle
An international constellation in Stade, Germany


My PIM5-project. Download as .pdf here
(Swedish only!)!
Visit its webpage here
(Swedish only!)!
I'm the first one to complete PIM5 in Karlshamn! :-)

(PIM stands for Practical IT- and Media competence)



Spring 2011

One of my Tortoise's has begun laying eggs! :-)
(Hermann's Tortoise - Testudo Hermanni Boettgeri)


With Carlshamn Punch Big Band have I been performing in
Blekinge Sångtalang 2011 - soloist here is however Berndt Sjögren.


At work I got an idea that turned out relly good!
(For you that don't understand Swedish the idea was that all of my students
should perform a drum solo - after three evenings 49 out of 53 had done so!)


Gamby George - the man who taught me
the basics in drumming past away...


Participating at the Arne Hagbergs Memorial Consert was a big honour!


The Taurus Mountains outside Beldibi - Turkey, Easter 2011


At a Drum LAN in Karlskrona 21:st of May I did a Clinic and paticipated in various Workshops.


Makin' it worth while! :-)


My House, bought Summer 2011 - moving in due November.

- - -

Autumn 2011 & Spring 2012

As a house owner focus has been on other things than music during the past Year...
In between renovations there has been some other things done too! ;-)

Enok, born 111124 - Greek Tortoise (Testudo hermanni boettgeri)


Accompanying Alexander Rybak!

Jam-session with Swedish famous Janne "Loffe" Carlsson!


Proud father at baccalaureate!

- - -

Ht 2012 & Vt 2013

My focus for the time being... outside and inside... chaos... but it's getting good! :-)

These companies are highly recomended:
RM-Bygg AB, Lindbergs El, Firma Bengt Olsson, Inges Schakt AB,
Nilssons Stenhuggeri, AB Tor Strömbergs Rörarbeten, AB Maxall,
Målerifirman Söderberg & Carlsson AB, Törneryds Golvservice AB,
Allt i Murning, Mörrums Byggnadsplåt AB, BJ Kylspecialisten AB,
Karlshamn Energi, Blekinge Lås & Larmteknik, Anticimex

This is what it looks like - Summer 2013

As You can see there has been some "Forest operations"...

... those Trees lies here and will keep the House warm for many Winters! :-)


Flagpole, Stone Line, Moved Bushes, new Paint and Conservatory - 2016


Carport, Cleaned Roof, Moved Fire Wood, Stone Line and new Paint - 2016








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