Marching with Karlshamns Musikkår
2011 05 21


Spring Consert 2010 conducted by Jörgen Flink.
Percussion: Arvid, Patrik, André, Me


Examination 2009
André, Linus, Linus, Victor


1:st of May 2009!
Snare Drum: André Strömberg, Linus Green and Simon Lindberg
Bass Drum: Magnus Kullman - Cymbals: Peter Stenholm


Joakim Spogardh congratulated by the Drummers
(and ex-drummers) of Karlshamns Musikkår
on his upper-secondary final examination 2008!
Simon, André, Victor, Linus, Staffan, Linus


André, Linus, Oscar, Patrik, Joakim - 080301


Percussionist Joakim Spogardh achieved
2007 Hedén's Family Scholarship!
Here flanked by Sune Hedén and daughter Mitzou.


Photos taken at Östersjöfestivalen in Karlshamn, Summer - 2006
Samuel, Magnus, Patrik, Joakim, Victor, André and Ola

1:st of May 2006!
Snare Drum: Victor Berg, Samuel Eriksson, Joakim Spogardh, André Strömberg and Ola Mårtensson
Bass Drum: Magnus Kullman - Cymbals: Peter Stenholm


The Percussionists - Autumn 2004!
Samuel Eriksson, Joakim Spogardh, Linus Svensson,
Patrik Stenholm, Fredrik Thuresson and Carl Lindqvist.

Korum on "Johnsson's Berg" - Spring 2004!
Tutti: Carl Lindqvist, Fredrik Thuresson, Joakim Spogardh,
Samuel Eriksson and Me. Soli: Linus Svensson


The Drummers - Spring 2004!
Fredrik Thuresson, Me, Carl Lindqvist, Johan Franzén,
Linus Svensson, Magnus Kullman, Joakim Spogardh,
Peter Stenholm, Samuel Eriksson and Patrik Stenholm.


The Percussionists - Autumn 2003!
Me, Linus Svensson, Carl Lindqvist, Magnus Kullman,
Joakim Spogardh and Samuel Eriksson.


The Drummers - Spring 2003!
Linus Svensson, Joakim Spogardh, Staffan Franzén,
Robin Knutsson, Carl Lindqvist and Me.


The Drummers - 2000!
Max Ganholt, Johan Schuster, Staffan Franzén, Johan Franzén, Astrid Sällström,
Peter Stenholm, Linus Svensson, Me and Patrik Stenholm.


The Percussion players - Autumn Concert 1999!
Max Ganholt, Linus Svensson, Johan Schuster, Astrid Sällström and Me.


The Drum Line, Summer 1998!

Back line fr.l: Amelie Larsson, Me and Peter Stenholm.
Front line fr.l: Astrid Sällström, Staffan Franzén, Max Ganholt,
Johan Johansson, Patrik Stenholm and Ola Lind.


On march, Summer 1998!
Drum Major: Lars-Johan Svensson.
Drummers fr.l: Ola Lind, Astrid Sällström, Max Ganholt and Patrik Stenholm.
Bells: Helene Malmros.


Here You see: Amelie Larsson,
Me and Peter Stenholm.


40-year jubilee 1996
Fr.l: Johan Franzén, Me, Ola Lind,
Johan Johansson, Helene
Malmros and Max Ganholt.


Drum Major Lars-Johan Svensson
at the head of the band.
In the first line you can see: Me, Patrik Stenholm,
Helene Malmros, Max Ganholt and Ola Lind.


At a Ceremony on Johnsson's Berg
in Högadal, Karlshamn.

1998 fr.l: Me, Max Ganholt, Staffan
Franzén and Astrid Sällström.


At the 25-year jubilee in 1981 this picture - that shows
fr.l: Jörgen Gustavsson, Fredrik Olsson and Me - was taken.


At Kulturnatten in Karlshamn the march season
is ended with Svenska Arméns stora Tapto.
Soli Drummer 1996: Patrik Stenholm.
Tutti Drummers fr.l: Me, Johan Franzén,
Max Ganholt, Mats Brandström and Ola Lind.


Also on The Baltic Festival in Karlshamn has
the Tapto been performed.
Here in pouring rain!
Soli Drummer: Patrik Stenholm.
Tutti Drummers fr.l:
Me, Ola Lind, Mats Brandström and Johan Franzén.
(Franzén's not in picture, unfortunately!)


At 1900 hours every evening when the band was
on tour in England 1996 Tapto was performed.

Soli Drummer: Me.
Tutti Drummers: Ola Lind and Johan Franzén.
Banner: Olof Olofsson.


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