Wienerafton 2008
Linus, Joakim, André, Patrik


Wienerafton 2007
Karl-Eric, André, Joakim, Klas


130th Year Jubilee - 2006
Karl-Eric, André, Joakim, Erik


Conducted by Lars Eric Andersson Karlshamns Musiksällskap accompanies
world tenor Tito Beltran and Karlshamns' very own Karin Thulemark!
Östersjöfestivalen 40:th year, Karlshamns Musiksällskap 130:th year - 2006 07 20


Victor, Daniel, Karl-Eric and Joakim performed  perfect!


Wienerafton - 32:nd Year - 2006!
Fr.l: Erik Håkansson, Joakim Spogardh,
Karl-Eric Forssander and Victor Berg.


At Wienerafton 2006 Victor Berg
acted blacksmith "playing" on an
anvil in "Amboß Polka".


Carmina Burana - 2006!
Fr.l: Daniel Mattisson, Victor Berg, Karl-Eric
Forssander, Me and Joakim Spogardh.


Wienerafton - 31:st Year - 2005!
Fr.l: Victor Berg, Max Ganholt, Karl-Eric
Forssander and Joakim Spogardh.


October 2004!

Daniel Mattisson, Karl-Eric Forssander, Samuel
Eriksson, Joakim Spogardh and Linus Svensson.


Wienerafton - 30th year - 2004!
Fr.l: Daniel Mattisson, Karl-Eric
Forssander, Me and Linus Svensson.


November 2003!
Me, Daniel Mattisson, Linus
Svensson and Karl-Eric Forssander.


The Wienerafton "train conductors" 2003!
Fr.l: Me, Linus Svensson, Karl-Eric Forssander,
Daniel Mattisson and Staffan Franzén.


Furuboda 2003!
Daniel Mattisson, Karl-Eric Forssander,
Linus Svensson and Me.


The Wieneraftongang 2002!
Fr.l: Me, Karl-Eric Forssander,
Astrid Sällström and Staffan Franzén.



Wienerafton 2001!
The four wise (?) men Peter Svensson, Karl-Eric
Forssander, Johan Johansson and Staffan Franzén.


The Wieneraftongang 2000!
Fr.l: Me, Max Ganholt, Karl-Eric
Forssander and Johan Johansson.


Wienerafton Scholarship 2000!
Scholarships holder Max Ganholt here with
the president of the orchestra Jerker Carlberg.


After the concert in Stockholm,
May 15th 1999!
Fr.l: Karl-Eric Forssander, Max Ganholt,
Johan Johansson and my self.


Wienerafton 1999, The 25:th year in a row!
Fr.l: Max Ganholt, Me, Karl-Eric
Forssander och Johan Johansson.


Gathering after a successful concert -98.
Fr.l: Joakim Hagselius, Max Ganholt, Maestro
Lars Eric Andersson, Me and Karl-Eric Forssander.


At Wienerafton 1998 I acted as a blacksmith
"playing" on an anvil in "Amboß Polka".


The section getting prepared
for Wienerafton 1998!
Fr.l: Me, Max Ganholt, Karl-Eric
Forssander and Johan Johansson.


The Family Consert 1998.
Fr.l: Me, Karl-Eric Forssander,
Johan Johansson and Max Ganholt.


This was the line up at Wienerafton 1997.
Fr.l: Johan Johansson, Karl-Eric Forssander,
Me and Mats Brandström.


1995 it looked like this!
Fr.l: Johan Franzén, Me, Karl-Eric
Forssander and Mats Brandström.


Cool Cossacks 1986!
Fr.l: Gamby George, Me, Fredrik
Olsson and Karl-Eric Forssander
Sitting: Roland Jönsson


The section "in action" 1986.
The line-up is the same as on the previous picture!


The first year that I participated (1984).
Fr.l: Roland Jönsson, Karl-Eric Forssander,
Me, Peter Johansson and Gamby George.


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