Percussionists 2014!
Oscar, Moa, Christofer, Gabriel, Johannes, Me, Anton, Sofie, Arvid, Oscar


Karlshamn's Music School's drummers made a "Samba-march" to make attention to the School's 50th anniversary!


Mallet Ensemble 2012


"Rock Trap" goes Swimming... :-)


Thursday Gang 2010/2011
Axel, Patrik, Arvid, Jennie, Johannes, Jens, André, Dennis & Gustav


Tuesday Gang 2010/2011
Lovisa, Otto, Sofie, Lie, Anton, Oscar & Eric


The Percussion Ensembles 2009/2010
Patrik, André, Dennis, Linus, Simon, Nils, Johannes,
Gustav, Jens, Lovisa, Jennie, Arvid, Axel, Mattias


The Church in Asarum 091213
Patrik, Linus, Me, Dennis, André


Karlshamn 080516
Klas, Joakim, Linus, Christoffer, Tomas, Jag, Nils


Spring Consert 080515
Ensemble I & II


Percussion Evening - 2007 11 15
André, Niclas, Anton, Jennie, Jonathan, Oscar, Mathias
Me, André, Dennis, Erik, Patrik, Simon, Sebastian
Me (again), Nils, Tomas, Linus, Joakim, Christoffer, Klas


Ensemble 1 (Chrotxo) - 070524
Fr.l: Linus, Nils, Christoffer, Erik, Klas, Ola, Tomas, Joakim, Me


Ensemble 1 and 2 together at the Spring Consert in Väggasalen - 070510
Fr.l: Klas, Ola, Leo, Joakim, Me, Magnus, André, Erik, Sebastian,
Linus, Nils, Christoffer, Simon, Erik, Patrik, Tomas, Joakim, Dennis


At the ABF-Choir's 51:st Spring Consert participated Karlshamn Music School's Percussion
ensemble "Chrotxo" in the work/piece "African Sanctus". Conductor was (and is) Arne Hagberg.

Chrotxo also made a very appriciated apperence, as guest artists,
performing on many different Percussion instruments...

... but also with, and on, them selves - using their bodies as instrument :-)
(Fr.l: Me, Linus, Nils, Klas, Tomas, Ola, Joakim, Erik)

Percussion Evening 2006 11 15
Sebastian, Simon, Erik, Nils, Klas, Joakim, Tomas, Christoffer, Erik, Linus, Ola,
Anton, Patrik, Joakim, Niklas, Magnus, André, My, Oscar, Jonathan, Mathias



Live at the market place - Karlshamn 060519

Samuel, Joakim, Klas, Tomas, Ola, Victor, Erik, Me, Carl and Christoffer


Ensemble I and II preparing for Concert 060518
André, Joakim, Erik, Carl, Sebastian, Ola, Klas, Patrik, Nils,
Magnus, Tomas, Linus, Victor, Christoffer, Erik and Samuel


The next Generation - Ensemble II, Spring 2006
Filip, André, Patrik, Linus, Magnus, Joakim, Nils and Sebastian


All skilled adepts that participated at the Percussion Evening 2005!


"Chrotxo" participated in the Percussion festival "Bang the Drum"
that took place in Karlskrona May 20-22 2005.

(Ola, Christoffer, Joakim, Tomas, Per, Erik, Linus,
Samuel, Carl & Daniel)
posing with "Rosenbom".


The Big/Small Percussion Ensemble and the Drum Corps - 041122!
Carl, Samuel, Marcus, Ola, Per, Linus, Leo, Daniel, Nils, Kristina, Joakim, Erik, Frida, Tomas, Sebastian,
Erik, Joakim, Christoffer, Linus, Stefan, Erik, Robert, Victor, Fredrik, Klas, Filip and Magnus.


The Big Percussion ensemble 2004!
Fr.l: Annika Haptén, Samuel Eriksson, Per Söderstrand,
Me, Linus Svensson and Daniel Mattisson.


The Big/Small Percussion Ensemble and the Drum Corps - 031204!
Stefan, Christoffer, Tomas, Erik, Joakim, Ola, Fredrik, Victor, Klas, Johannes, Erik, Me,
Leo, Sebastian, Magnus, Erik, Daniel, Linus, Annika, Johan, Samuel, Per and Gilbert!
Also guesting was former students Staffan Franzén and Peter Autio
with show and drill from The Royal Swedish Drum Corp's repertoire!


The Big and Small  Percussion ensemble, Fall - 2002!
Gilbert, Staffan, Per, Johan, Christoffer, Daniel, Linus, Annika,
Christoffer, Stefan, Erik, Joakim, Ola, Samuel and Thomas!


The Big Percussion ensemble 2002!
Fr.l: Staffan Franzén, Linus Svensson, Annika Haptén, Joel Svensson,
Johan Schuster, Christoffer Nilsson, Daniel Mattisson and Astrid Sällström.


The Small Percussion ensemble 2002!
Fr.l: Mattis Jeppson, Ola Mårtensson, Markus Jeppsson, Erik Håkansson,
Samuel Eriksson, Per Söderstrand and Gilbert Svensson.


At Karlshamn's Music Scool's anual "Vårsoaré" 2002, the Big ensemble
made a huge success performing both on traditonal Percussion instruments...


... as well as on (and with) different body parts!


The Big ensemble entertains at Mörrums school 020228!
Linus, Johan, Annika, Staffan, Astrid, Christoffer, Joel and Daniel!


Percussion evening 011128!
Members of "The Big" and "The Small" ensemble and Drum Corps:
Markus, Gillbert, Per, Stefan, Erik, Daniel, Ola, Linus, Annika,
Joel, Johan, Christoffer, Astrid, Staffan, Samuel and Mattis!


The pictures above shows the final concert that was given at Karlshamn's market-place 20010504.
Prior to this concert we had been concerting for Österslättskolan at the
City theater and for Stenbackaskolan in their assembly-hall!
To get a Percussion Ensemble on the road is quite a task with all instruments,
but with helpfull parents and good students this tour day was a pleasure to do!


Ensemble I 2000/2001:
Linus Svensson, Johan Schuster, Staffan Franzén, Joel Svensson,
Astrid Sällström, Daniel Mattisson and Christoffer Nilsson!


Ensemble II 2000/2001:
Martin Håkansson, Gilbert Svensson, Jesper Lange,
Stefan Nilsson, Markus Jeppsson, Fredrik Martinsson,
Per Söderstrand, Samuel Eriksson and Mattis Jeppsson!


My nice students that performed at
the Percussion evening 2000-11-30!
Astrid Sällström, Christoffer Nilsson, Staffan Franzén, Johan Schuster, Joel Svensson,
Linus Svensson, Daniel Mattisson, Stefan Nilsson, Per Söderstrand, Gilbert Svensson,
Fredrik Martinsson, Samuel Eriksson, Markus Jeppsson, Mattis Jeppsson, Mats Fastrup,
Ola Mårtensson, Erik Håkansson and Jesper Lange!


Ensemble I 1999/2000:
Astrid Sällström, Christoffer Nilsson, Staffan Franzén,
Johan Schuster, Joel Svensson and Max Ganholt!


Ensemble II 1999/2000:
Martin Håkansson, Gilbert Svensson, Stefan Nilsson, Linus Svensson,
Fredrik Martinsson, Per Söderstrand, Samuel Eriksson and Daniel Mattisson!


Assembled after a successful Percussion concert 991206!

Ensemble I & II, Carl Wrenberg and Niklas Holtne performed.

Ensemble I: Max Ganholt, Astrid Sällström, Joel Svensson,
Staffan Franzén, Christoffer Nilsson and Johan Schuster!

Ensemble II: Daniel Mattisson, Linus Svensson, Stefan Nilsson,
Martin Håkansson, Fredrik Martinsson, Samuel Eriksson and Per Söderstrand!


Percussion Ens. I during a
public appearance in 1999.

Fr.l: Christoffer Nilsson, Astrid Sällström,
Staffan Franzén, Joakim Hagselius, Johan
Schuster Joel Svensson and Me.

Max Ganholt is unfortunately not shown in pic.


Percussion Ensemble I 98/99.

Fr.l: Max Ganholt, Astrid Sällström, Christoffer Nilsson,
Joel Svensson, Johan Schuster och Staffan Franzén.

Joakim Hagselius is missing on this pic.


Percussion Ensemble II 98/99.

Fr.l: Stefan Nilsson, Daniel Mattisson,
Linus Svensson and Sakarias Fasth.


Percussion Ensemble I 97/98.

Fr.l: Olof Pettersson, Staffan Franzén,
Me, Max Ganholt and Astrid Sällström.


Percussion Ensemble II 97/98.

Fr.l: Christoffer Nilsson, Joel Svensson,
Emil Alergård and Johan Schuster.


The line up of 96/97.

Fr.l: Mårten Paulsson, Me, Ola Lind, Johan Franzén
Staffan Franzén, Johan Johansson and Max Ganholt.