I, Peter Svensson, am the author of the 128 pages
Drum & Percussion School that was published by
Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB
and Notfabriken Music Publishing AB!

The book is thought as a basic school for the whole Drum & Percussion area!

This is what You learn:

Basic note reading

Hand technique (Rolls, Rudiments etc.)

Different time signatures

Swedish Drum signals & March techniques

Drum set rhythms (19 different music styles!)

Fill ins

How to play with double Bass Drums (Double pedal)

Rhythm Instruments

Mallet Instruments



The School also includes 21 Etudes, 5 Solos and 5 Duets, besides this
Notes/Rests along with Musical expressions are also explained!

When You're done with my book You will have a broad and solid
foundation in the difficult art of how to play Drums & Percussion!!!

Click here to view examples from my book! (Swedish only since the book is in Swedish)


Unfortunately, the book is no longer available in printed format, but
you are welcome to download a digital copy in pdf format here:

Trum & Slagverksskolan.pdf



Here you will find all 438 videos: Exercise examples, Etudes, Elements
and The Intermediate Marches as well as the Drum set parts in
various genres as I imagine they should sound.
How to make Fill-ins and play with a Double Pedal is also included!

NOTE! Go to YouTube to see all 438 clips!

- Swedish only! -
Even if you don't understand when I speak, you'll understand when I play! :-)




Here you will find all Etyder, Solo and
Duetts as I imagine they should sound.
You can also hear the intermediate marches and the Drum
Set parts how they should sound when you know them!


If You have any questions, views or thoughts... don't hesitate to contact me!